Key Issues

Capitol Dome

Here is a look at the legislative priorities for professional practice, education, public interest and scientific research:

Criminal Justice

APA Services Inc. focuses on recidivism reduction, public safety, gender-responsive justice, mental and behavioral health, and support for law enforcement and corrections agencies.

Federal Funding for Psychological Research

APA Services Inc. advocates for robust and predictable funding of scientific research at the federal science agencies

Gun Violence

APA Services Inc. advocates for a public health approach to gun violence prevention, supporting evidence-based programs and policies that can reduce the occurrence and impact of firearm-related violence in the United States.

Health Care Reform

APA Services Inc. works with policymakers to enact and implement health care reform that fully integrates psychological services into primary care, prevention and benefits packages

Higher Education

APA Services Inc. advocates for expanding opportunities for doctoral study in psychology, and for the application of psychological research to improve student outcomes in higher education.  

Medicare Reimbursement

APA Services Inc. represents the interests of professional psychology through ongoing advocacy with Congress and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on issues such as Medicare coverage, reimbursement for psychological services and psychologist eligibility for providing services to Medicare beneficiaries. 

Mental Health Parity

APA Services Inc. continues to press for the elimination of insurance discrimination for mental health and substance abuse coverage in private employer health plans. 

Prescriptive Authority

APA Services Inc. supports the efforts of our state, provincial and territorial psychological association partners to obtain prescriptive authority for qualified, licensed psychologists to help fill the need for access to comprehensive, quality mental health care. 

Promoting and defending research

APA Services Inc. strongly encourages the use of psychological science in policy-making decisions and vigorously defends the field from partisan attacks. 

Workforce Development

APA Services Inc. is committed to promoting psychology by advocating for federal programs that support the interprofessional education and training of psychologists