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Did you know that Psychology PAC can help you become a better advocate? Advocacy is defined in the dictionary as the active support of a cause. Studies show that current students are more willing than their predecessors of becoming well-versed in advocacy. Psychology PAC is one way to advance the advocacy needs of the profession.

Until you finish your training and begin your career, whether in practice, at a university or elsewhere, you may move around often.  Wherever you reside, your member of Congress has a vote and the ability to support your profession legislatively. The members of Congress in your state value their constituents’ voice and needs. They need to hear from you first. It is important to build a relationship with your member of Congress.  

You have a unique opportunity to be able to form a relationship with a new member of Congress and build the foundation to educate them on the profession and the challenges you face as students in the field. The PAC can help you create a relationship with a member of Congress wherever you live and work.   

A survey by the Public Affairs Council, which tracks trends in the public policy area, showed that younger advocates value networking and personal advancement. Current trainees often build relationships with associations and PACs because student populations are more cause-oriented. Working with Psychology PAC shows the importance that is placed on the cause that can support your future and support your profession as the PAC fights for the legislative initiatives of psychology.

Psychology PAC wants to hear from you. We are always interested in reaching out to members and hearing from members. Psychology PAC wants to be a resource for you as well. As students you have an important voice and Psychology PAC wants to listen and to help you advocate for your profession.

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